Unmarried Swazi Women MUST Read This Article About Getting Married


Swazi women spend their entire lives longing for the day they will walk down the aisle to say I do. It is sad to realize that only a handful get to the actual date. A friend of mine recently turned 35 and she spent the whole birth day crying her lungs out. I took half the day talking to her and found myself sharing 10 ways to tell if her wedding day is near or far. She stopped crying and thanked me; Read more here.

“The problem with you Thuli is that you are to desperate”, I started.

“oh no, not that talk again”. She mumbled wiping tears off her puffy eyes.

I told he to give me a chance to explain and when she did I looked her in the eye and told her she will only get married once she has dealt with the following issues;

  1. Stop giving away free sex to men;
    2016-09-15_1620Although they will tell you how much they enjoy it and how good it is to be intimate with you, deep inside they think you are cheap and are not willing to hand around forever. Men love new shiny things and the more you give yourself away to him the more the shine wears off.
  2. Stop cooking and washing for him;
    2016-09-15_1625the reality is, men don’t appreciate this. They think it’s an entitlement for every person born with a penis. They will occasionally push out that shy word “thank you” but they don’t really say it from the heart.
  3. Pack your bags and move out of his flat;
    2016-09-15_1631Chances are you even moved yourself in. The dude needs his space and he’s afraid to tell you. The more you crown him the more he wishes you were gone. Besides, if you have already brought yourself over, why should he do anything anymore.
  4. Stop being so available;
    2016-09-15_1635so he calls after work to find out if he can come over to your flat and you are always saying yes! Make yourself unavailable more than once in a while woman!
  5. His child is not yours – stop over compensating!
    2016-09-15_1638Stop trying to show him you’d be good with babies by over compensating with his baby – it’s easy to see a “step mom” who is overcompensating and it’s a turn off.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask him about plans for the future;
    I know they will probably tell you never ask a man to marry you or ask about his intentions about marriage. At 35 years with your biological clock ticking, why be courteous.
  7. Focus on yourself & stay true to self;
    2016-09-15_1641stop over thinking your relationship and what you should be doing right to make him happy. Make yourself happy. Do you realize it’s what attracted him to you in the first place.
  8. Be an independent thinker;
    2016-09-15_1644stop trying to keep the peace by always agreeing with his statements or arguments. You make the relationship dull and pointless.




The sooner you deal with these issues the sooner your wedding day will arrive. Drops Mic

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