We have nothing against Babes wodumo but this Swazi queen of kwaito takes it for us. Watch this video see what we mean.


If for a minute you thought that Babes Wodumo was the queen of dance then pause for a second and see what I have in store for you. The snapshots of the video that follows below will take you through to a tour of an amazing discovery.

Meet Swaziland’s own queen of kwaito Nobuhle Gama as she does her “thang”. When I first watched her video I literally thought she was one of Arthur’s 999 artists and the minute when I learnt that she was from my home country; I bowed and took my hat off in appreciation. Swaziland might be a small country but the country’s talent is over and beyond; Nobuhle is proof of what I am talking about.

Indeed she is the queen of kwaito her confidence and facial expression reveals her passion for what she does. Singing and dancing is not an easy exercise but for Swaziland’s own Babes Wodumo it is just a walk in the park. Her bewitching gestures and dance moves got me glued on her as I sang along to the lyrics of the song.

Here I was thinking that kwaito was a male genre but Nobuhle proofed just how narrow minded I was. This video was just an eye opener that “KUTE LOKWEHLULA UMUTFU” You just have to put your mind and heart into it. Nothing beats the hunger and love of what you do.

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WATCH VIDEO BELOW (and an official video after this below)