When you see these toddlers do the Giya dance like this, you know the future of our culture is in safe hands.


The future of our tradition and culture is indeed in the best of hands as these tourists were treated to a novelty experience, certainly one that they will not forget in a hurry. The children leading the group of tourists in a giya dance ensure that these tourists learn every part of the kugiya dance.

toddler-dancing-a-swazi-dance  toddler-doing-a-swazi-dance-move

They hardly even look around at their peers to ensure that they are in sequence as they start off by beating the ground with their sticks. The group is made up of young children and toddlers with the youngest seemingly not older than 3 years old.

The performances showstopper is this young libutfo who is definitely in his element as he allows the song to move him to rendering this impeccable performance. The amazing part of his performance is how his moves mimics those of a fully grown adult as he moves back and forth with the greatest of confidence and a smile on his face.


These tourists certainly gained more than they bargain for with their tutors who delivered a memorable performance. This is one of the unique selling points of our country, our culture. The more we pass our knowledge on to the younger generation; the better off Swaziland will be as a nation in the eyes of outsiders.

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