While you longed for a cake and some toys for your birthday, they hid away in terror on theirs; a tale of survival in poverty stricken Swaziland

source: http://thebablueprint.com/6749/blogs/basically-swazi/

The words in the poem about a child’s ten year old birthday flow into a sharp dagger piercing at one’s consciousness. “Mama’s fever burning – mama can you hear us – don’t leave us mama.” These are the heart wrenching words in the introduction of this poem.

Posted in a blog about a volunteer’s journey through Swaziland while helping the needy, the poem goes on to unearth more sinister and dark occurrences that this ten year old has to face on the day of her birthday.

source: http://swazilandk.blogspot.com/2016/01/ten-years-old-today.html

The picture painted by the words of the poem tell of an innocent young child who has found herself having to fend for her little siblings. The most tear jerking part of it all is when she warns her younger siblings to seek safety from their uncle, possibly using herself as a shield for whatever unthinkable horrors the uncle will unleash.

When we go about our daily lives we do not give a single thought to the plight that our fellow citizens face on a daily basis. Having it presented in such a heart breaking poem really sends the message home and I hope that we are all spurred to truly become our brother’s keepers and not distant neighbors.

Have you checked in on your neighbors or even relatives lately or has life’s busyness kept you oblivious to the on-goings of the world around you?

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