Why Every Swazi should learn Mandarin

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Yesterday’s opening of the newly built Yuang Tong Primary School at the Amifoto Care Center in Makhonza unearthed a rare talent in the country. Siyanda Dlamini wowed His Majesty King Mswati III and all the guests present when he fluently translated in both English and Mandarin during the event. His ability obtained him possible favor with His Majesty as he declared his relief over the fact that he now has someone to translate for him during his overseas trips to Asia.

With the globe becoming ever smaller due to the introduction and use of technology , is Swaziland becoming an integrated member of the global community? And if so, isn’t it time that Swazis learned Mandarin too? According to one of our local newspapers, the Christian Medical University is to send 6 of its students to Chungnam University in Korea for an internship program and even though Mandarin is a Chinese language, it is also taught and spoken in parts of Korea. By the way even Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg has learned to speak Mandarin.

China has developed its manufacturing sector to the point where it has been catapulted into a being second world country. Shouldn’t we take up this opportunity and make good of our relationship with the Taiwanese? Isn’t this what Swaziland needs in order for our economy to grow too?

Can you imagine the easy of trade between the two countries if we were able to communicate with one another. Do you think that we as Swazis should learn to speak and write in Mandarin? Leave your comments below, let’s chat.

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