Women Farmers Fight Against Crippling Weather Conditions


The persisting drought conditions in the country have undoubtedly left a devastating mark on the agricultural sector as the country’s staple crop maize has also been adversely affected. Furthermore, our subsistent farmers’ livestock has also borne the brunt of the scarcity of water in the country. Last year saw an average of over 300 000 cattle die from the lack of water and barren grazing fields, an effect that took its toll on the country’s food supply and coffers


The Woman Farmer Foundation has refused to let the conditions that affected thousands last year prevail again this year. The foundation according to their Facebook page has donated food parcels to areas in the country most affected by the drought; this emergency food donated will aid the families in dire need. The post further stated that the WFF is not only working towards curbing the crisis, but also prevent any eminent ones in the future.

Will this aid be enough? How long will the drought go on for? Is there anything that ordinary Swazis can do for themselves in their home to avoid being caught in this crisis? These are just some of the questions that one comes across on a daily basis. While Swaziland has been through droughts in years past, is there any reason why there seems to be a muted response from the government in as far as aid is concerned?

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