You Probably Don’t Want To Know How Or Why This Little Girl Living With Albinism Was Shot and Killed In Front of Her Friends, But We’ll Tell You Anyways.

Girl in picture is not the one mentioned in the article.

She had gone to the river with her friends little did she know that she would not return home to her family; she was painfully shot and dragged away by a mysterious man on their way home.

The 11 year old girl was living with albinism; she had gone to the river to wash her clothes and bath with her friends and was returning home when a man wearing a balaclava appeared from nowhere and carelessly grabbed her.

Her friends helplessly looked on as the man took out his gun and shot the terrified little girl on the back and dragged her away.Moments later the girl’sheadless body was discovered upriver; it was almost like a horror movie.

The little girl died because of the color of her skin; people living with albinism are in high demand and targeted by cruel individuals who want their blood and body parts for good luck and fortune and care less about the innocent people they kill.

This 11 year old is not the only person living with albinism that has been gruesomely killed and these murders have triggered panic amongst communities. They live in fear because they are not sure if their relatives living with albinism are next in line.

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