You’ll Never Guess What These Kids Are Running Towards. Worse, You Might Think It’s Silly When You Find Out



Using unclean water for their daily needs had become a norm for the residents of a small village at kaDvokolwako. For a long time the situation was really bad, the water was muddy; they had no choice but to drink, bath and cook with the polluted water from the make shift well.


Early in the morning before going to school, the children had to walk long distances to fetch water so that they could bath and the remaining water would be used for cooking their supper. This water could have made them sick but they had no choice but to use it for cooking as well as bathing.


After a long period of using contaminated water, they finally had clean water. I choked watching how the children appreciated running water – a rare commodity in their community.

The excitement was written on their faces. They ran with excitement towards the tap; it was like they had just seen an ice cream truck. Maybe for these kids you could call it a “water truck” because that’s what it was in a sense.

I love how they splash the clean water on their beaming faces visibly elated. It makes one realize how easy it is to take something like water for granted – if you have it in ample supply at your home.


From now on, I choose to appreciate all the blessings I have no matter how small they seem to be.


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