Young Boy Outclasses Women with a Women’s Traditional Dance (Kutsamba). This is What I Call A WoW! Moment


Who said the kutsamba dance was only for Lutsango or let me say females? Males can do it too, A young boy proved to be the best; he even beat women in this dance and that’s what makes it even more fascinating. Watching the boy dance just made me miss traditional weddings. Nowadays few people do traditional weddings; white weddings have proved to be the ‘in thing’ these days.

Once upon a time when everyone used to be all excited about traditional weddings, the excitement would begin even before the actual wedding. During the rehearsals, that is weeks before the wedding that is where the fun begins. Watch this video and see how amusing traditional weddings are, with everyone wearing their traditional attire singing and dancing; it makes the event really interesting. Below are the snapshots of a Swazi traditional wedding video.  The full video follows after the pictures.


Watch the video and share the fun