Zone In: Windflower

By Temnotfo Mvubu

Music connects us all. It is the one universal language that has the power to move us, shift our perspectives and grant us the gift of expressing ourselves fully and unapologetically. In recent years, there has been an upsurge of artists breaking past the norm and creating music that is liberated in terms of genre and sound. Recently I read through a tweet about how artists such as Kelis and the internet redefined what it meant to be a black musician, normalising alternative music and making it popular to be authentic in your craft. African music has in the past coloured between the lines of well-known genres, such as hip hop, jazz, Rnb and contemporary, however, there is now an emerging trend. A new revolution that is being led by new age artists who are changing the rules and creating music that is alternative and beautifully so. One such artist is Namibia’s Windflower who popped up on the scene just this year, debuting her first ever single titled Golden. Having grown up in a musical family and getting groomed around music as a whole, she boldly stands by the notion of her jump into the industry being inevitable. With a voice like the one she has and the wisdom she possesses, the next inevitable thing is her rise to the top and her staying power there too. Here’s the 411 on Wendy Geingos.

Who is Windflower and what inspired this stage name?
Well the name actually started as a pet name that my mom gave me. She has always referred to me as her windflower and it just become a part of who I am. My mother is my reflection.


Both your parents were vocalists and now you’re following in their footsteps. Would you say being an artist is genetic or it simply comes from exposure?
Half and half. I feel like my genes contributed to my tone and range but my sound has been greatly influenced by my exposure to so much art.
Describe your sound in three words
My sound is buzzed, wavy and chilled
Describe the stage your music career is at right now?
Honestly it’s still a child learning how to walk. I have so much to learn and there is so much room for growth.


Tell us a little about growing up in Namibia and how this has influenced your music?
Growing up in Namibia there weren’t a lot of alternative musicians to look up to. Come to think of it, there were actually none at all. Everyone that was making music was too concerned with making money. Which is understandable because it’s very difficult for artists to get noticed especially if they aren’t making “mainstream “music. I think that’s why it took me so long to start making my music and releasing it. But as a kid I was exposed to a lot of classical music and had opportunities to perform with orchestras. Which allowed me the gift of working on my craft from a very young age.


What is your writing process like and what does the music you make mean to you?
To be honest I don’t really have a specific process. Most of the writing gets done in the studio just before I record. But the initial concept for a song usually comes when I’m vibing to a nice ass beat hopefully buzzed. My music is an expression of who I am and how I see myself from the other side of the mirror.
I have been listening to Golden on replay. Lovely jam. What is the story behind it?
Golden was me waking up from a bad dream. It is the story of me accepting myself for the strong, capable and beautiful woman I am. The line “eyes open, woke up in this golden age “signifies me realising that I am in control. That I choose how to approach my reality.
Top three artists that you would love to collaborate with in the future?
I don’t know if you need a realistic answer 😂 but if I could work with anyone I would definitely love to work with Shekhinah, Lana Del Rey and/or Sza.
Who are you currently jamming to on your playlist?
Mostly Sza (CTRL), Alicia Keys (Here), some Coldplay and a lot of hip hop
What can we expect from Windflower in 2019?
2019 is looking to be hella promising. A couple new songs are dropping and there is a chance of an EP dropping as well.

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